The Delgado brothers found this cave in the year 2000.  a dark bubble inside the cave that gleamed like a diamond when it came into contact with the light inspired them to call the cave "the queen's eye." This is a cave with a high temperature and humidity in the geode, which has experienced condensation, leading to the creation of calcite on the surface.


Inside the “Queen’s Eye" Cave.

Perspective of “Queen's Eye" Cave.

In the year 2000 two brothers Eloy and Francisco Javier Delgado, came upon this cave while digging an exploration tunnel -300 m. They discovered a small aperture through which Francisco entered with difficulty. He was astonished by the wonderful sight.


At the time, "The Queen's Eye" was a spectacular finding, because of its beauty, size and conditions, together with the high temperature and humidity inside the geode,

He was inside a geodic type cave about 8 meters in diameter, lined by large white, translucent and transparent crystals.

Francisco managed to make his way into a geode-type cave approximately 8 m in diameter, covered in large white, translucent and transparent crystals.


Both were in awe, it appeared that an eye was looking at them. They experienced something fantastic; a totally dark bubble inside the cave, which at first contact with the light shone like a diamond.

They called it “Queen`s Eye” cave.