The “Naica Project” includes the coordinated participation of organizations and companies, to undertake varied activities:

Speleoresearch & Films, a Mexican corporation, signed an agreement with Industrias Peñoles in 2006. The agreement allows S&F to photograph and film any exploration and research activities carried out within the site. The agreement stipulates a mutual commitment of support and participation to promote awareness of the crystal caves located in the Naica mine.

Speleoresearch & Films coordinates the “Naica Project” and is responsible for the strict compliance with the stipulations outlined in the agreement and to fulfill its objectives, placing particular emphasis in the safety regulations established for the project within the mining installations. To achieve the above, the medical project is essential.

Within the terms of the agreement, S&F is empowered to enter into agreements with third parties (public institutions, private companies, groups and civil associations or individuals) so that they may engage in activities related to the project’s areas of interest.

Subsequently, S&F entered into private agreements with individuals and authorized those participants to carry out activities in the interior of the caves. Subsequently S&F signs contracts with the representatives of producers and international magazines, allowing them to photograph and film the caves.

S&F Director, Ma. Antonieta Ferreira G.


C/Producciones is a mexican company, founded in 1980, specializing in the production of films, documentaries, and audio-visual products for a national an international market. It is the most important and sanctioned producer of materials on archaeology, cultural traditions, and Mexican art, as well as scientific investigation and tourist promotion issues.

Its commitment is to promote awareness and knowledge about our history and national heritage, ascertaining that all research is done by specialists in each field, professionals loyal to historical data, commited to project a vision of our country to make us proud of our culture and value our history.

Its ample curricula and products has pushed it to an international level establishing strategic alliances with similar companies and work on projects for international television such as National Geographic and History Channel amongst others.

Director C/Producciones: Gonzalo Infante


La Venta Exploring Team

is an international organization of speleologists based in Italy, who share a passion for the underworld. They enjoy prestige and are renowned for their achievements and results, obtained in numerous expeditions to remote regions.

Their objective is to explore and document caves and the karst phenomenon. Their commitment exceeds simple exploration, expanding and transcending speleology through other disciplines such as archeology, physics, biology, paleontology, mineralogy, hydrology, etc. Exploration becomes the axis for the development of publications, documentaries, conferences, meetings, etc., in coordination with similar groups, government agencies and research centers, spreading knowledge and promoting care and conservation of the sites explored. “La Venta” pioneered visits to Naica in 2002.

La Venta coordinates research and exploration activities of the “Naica Project”.

Taking into consideration the experience and profile of La Venta members, S&F negotiated agreements for their participation in the Naica project, in charge of the initial research and exploration works.

With authorization and participation of S&F, La Venta signed the corresponding agreements with third parties to carry out related activities. As the project advanced, researchers of international prestige of other groups, universities and research centers, joined the project.

“La Venta” Naica Project Representative: Tulio Bernabei.
"La Venta President: Antonio de Vivo.