Debar Cave in Macedonia.

Lechuguilla in New Mexico.

" Mineral Caves of the World" of Carol Hill and Paolo Forti, published by "National Speleological Society", refers us to the 10 more spectacular Crystal Caves in the world: Lechuguilla, New Mexico; Liquid Glass Digs, Israel; Santana Cavern, Brazil; Alum Caves , Island Vulcano, Sicily; and Supp-Coutum among other in Turkmenistan. The Naica Crystal Cave was discovered after the publication of the book and at the present time is considered as the most spectacular in the planet.


“Great Geode" in the Pilar de Jaravia Mine, Spain.

The Naica Crystals' Cave is a new geological landmark and surpasses in importance other similar selenite caverns in the world.

  • Selenite crystals in Mexico like Santo Domingo's Cavern, in Santa Eulalia district, regrettably destroyed

  • Crystals of up-to 7 m of Debar, in Macedonia. • "Great Geoda" at Pilar of Jaravia, Spain with big gypsum cystals.

  • “El Teniente” Chile. The biggest crystals known, prior to Naica's discovery.

  • Raura Mine, the Department of Lima, Peru.


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