GCC is a leading company in the production and commercialization of cement, concrete, aggregates and services related to the construction industry in Mexico and America. It has a significant share of the leading cement company in Bolivia and is renowned for its sustainable development practices, social responsibility and good corporate government.

GCC is committed to contributing to the continuous improvement of the environment in the communities where it has a presence and in particular, to identifying, preventing and controlling the environmental aspects of its own processes.

GCC is convinced that the world’s future will rely on sustainable development, which is the premise behind its support and respect for the communities to which it belongs, with educational, cultural and environmental programs.

In 2006, it was acknowledged by Great Place to Work Institute Mexico as one of the best firms to work in, in Mexico.

GCC serves as a “contributor" through Article 226 of the Income Tax Law to support production of the "NAICA" film and we are currently collaborating in the publication of their book, "Crystal Caves in Mexico."