The NAICA Crystal cave is located 300 meters below ground. filled with enormous, spectacular selenite or moonstone crystals, it reveals its beauty in an atmosphere where the its icy appearance constrasts with the high temperatures in the depths. through the magnificence of its crystals, it leads us down a myriad of paths: scientific, technological, artistic,  philosophical and one involving the magic of nature. it also brings us face to face with an unavoidable responsibility: our obligation to protect and preserve it.


Inside of the Crystal Cave in NAICA.

Inside of the Crystal Cave in NAICA.

Hidden 300 meters below the earth, Naica’s Cave of Crystals has waited until now to show its magnificent beauty. A big geode of red walls filled with selenite crystals or “moon stone”, is so named because of its color, brilliance, and transparency. Tranquil and silent this womb-like cavity originated the gradual growth of crystals, lulled by the ripples of water in the heat and darkness during more than one million years.


It appeared in the depths of our planet when human beings had lost the capacity for amazement since we had already seen everything on the earth's surface

Captivating us with its brilliance, size, and history, we discover a place with an ice-like appearance, in contrast to its deadly heat, in a strange and inhospitable environment. Its beauty moves us and allows us to recover our capacity to contemplate and admire nature.

NAICA has revealed itself to us for an instant of its long geological life, before it is submerged by the waters again...


Naica is a voyage to the interior of the earth but also to the interior of ourselves. It invites us to comprehend its true significance and also leads us to a relevant debate about our relationship with nature and our planet.

Its crystals, multi-faceted mirrors and images, lead to the various roads of knowledge and science; to understand the how and when of the creation of this work of nature, challenging us to develop the technology to survive and register in images its great beauty. They also lead us to the arts, so that we may share this natural heritage through the expressions of men and women sensible to its beauty and harmony, and the roads of philosophy and mysticism for the magic and peace that they convey.

Naica appears before us only for an instant in its long geological life, an instant in which we have the unique opportunity of sharing its knowledge before it is concealed again under water within the depths of the earth.

NAICA; a privilege and a responsibility.

Naica, a Treasure of the Planet Within the Bowels of the Earth




The NAICA caves are located in a mine, in the south of the state of chihuahua, in the north of mexico. The caves were accidentally discovered during the exploration of the mine.  exploiting the mineral, requires extracting hot water through a complex pumping system. This system drained the water out of the caves, accidentally revealing an extraordinary natural treasure.


View of the NAICA Shaft

NAICA and the Water

The discovery of Naica´s crystal caves is the greatest most important geological discovery of the last years because of their spectacular beauty and scientific value. The Naica crystal caves are located in the state of Chihuahua in the North of México, at the Industrias Peñoles mine.


They form part of a geological system fed by thermal waters, which allowed the crystals to grow.

This pumping system…will stop at any moment when the mineral exploitation ends, flooding the tunnels and caves again… In the meantime, every effort is being made to study, record and preserve them.


The biggest selenite crystals (of purest gypsum) in the world, reaching lengths of up to 11 m and one meter in diameter, 20 times bigger than any other known crystals in the world are found there. Their transparency, shine and enormous and unique formations move and captivate.

One might compare this discovery with that of finding the source of the Nile.

Scientists from various parts of the world have pooled their experience and expertise to find the answers to the many questions relating to the genesis of these unique formations: why they appeared in this particular place, and how we can protect and preserve them? How can they be explored under such dangerous conditions?

Due to the interest and effort of several companies and institutions the “Naica Project” was formed to find scientific answers to these and other important questions.


Its icy appearance contrasts with its high temperature and humidity, creating an atmosphere of dangerously extreme conditions in which humans can only survive for a few minutes.

One of the pumping systems.